Leggi in Italiano


I have this memory of me as a child, wondering amongst all different kinds of colored jars in my mother’s laboratory.

I whisk color dripping brushes over a tub that smells of sea. Finally, floating bubbles of color appear. With a stick I transform those circles in strange, unpredictable designs and then, guided by her expert moves, I transfer those colors onto sheets of paper while she tells me how our moves where ancient and that every sheet is surprisingly unique and unrepeatable.

Still today that collection of valuable papers, hers obviously, reveals to me it’s secrets. The lines dance in front of my eyes  and tickle my imagination. They become pliable material in the digital space. A space where past and present reunite in a dialog of continuity and evolution.

I searched for an innovative material on which to print my work and I discovered that polyurethane resins are an excellent medium to give value to the images.